About Us

Welcome to Fondation Alliancy Calice “FAC”

I am Alliancy Calice Fondateur and CEO of Fondation Alliancy Calice “FAC” son of Haïti. I served in the United States Air Force and since my return from Afghanistan. I saw what was happening in my native land, like extreme  poverty, inequality, injustice, corruption and insecurity. This is the reason why I founded FAC to make a difference in the lives of those forgotten ones. Youths are our nation’s wealth . Unfortunately, the Haïtian Government who doesn’t recognize them.

FAC believes education, health and agriculture are some of  the elements needed for a productive society. This is the reason why FAC is teaming up with the best; so together we can save lives and make a difference.

Today FAC and its team are asking the world to help us create a better environment for the nation of Haïti. They need medical equipments; school items like laptops, notebooks, pencils, and pens; cellphones and farming equipments along with technical support. 

The Fondation Alliancy Calice “FAC” a 501 (c)(3),aims to work with organizations of high integrity and character to serve our future Haitian leaders in education, health and agriculture for a better Haiti.


Our vision is to work with young people so that they can become competent leaders in the service of their country Haiti.